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Access Your Health Cards and Benefits



Georgian at ILAC students have access to two different insurance providers. They have emergency coverage under Guard.Me and non-emergency coverage under GCSA. Make sure you have downloaded both cards to your device and you have access to your BOTH policies' information. In this article, we explain 3 points: 1) how to access your health cards, 2) learn about your coverage,  and 3) what to do in case you need to see a doctor. 


Make sure to download both cards. This is what they look like:


Card for Emergencies


Non-emergencies Card




1) How to Access Your Health Cards


Geogain at ILAC students are covered by two insurance providers. GCSA and Guard.Me. At the beginning of the semester, your coverage start at the beginning of the semester and ends on August 31st. As long as you are enrolled at Georgian at ILAC, you will be covered by both plans. Even those in a semester break or during their work term co-op semester are covered. 


Access your Card        Access your GCSA Card

Students starting their program at Georgian at ILAC, those in the 1st semester, will get their card about 10 days after the add and drop period. If the add-and-drop period is not finished yet, you need to wait a little longer. If you do not have your health card yet, and you are sick, you may go to a walk-in clinic, pay for the visit out of pocket, and once you get your card (policy number) you will be able to apply for a refund. 


Access your policy number and card: 


1) Go to your Georgian student email address (outlook). In the search bar, type the word "guard" and click enter or search. Important: do not select any of the drop-down options so that you can see all emails related to 



2) Look for a "Do Not Reply" email. The subject line should be something similar to "Healthcare Access Card". This is what the email your are looking for looks like: 



Make sure to read the email, click on the link, and follow the instructions. You are almost there! Make sure to use your Georgian at ILAC email address, for example, and password. You will be sent to your dashboard where you will be able to download your health card: 



When you click on "Download Healthcare Access Card" you will get a PDF file. Your card will look like this: 



Make sure to take a screenshot or save it on your mobile phone for easy access. 




Accessing your GCSA Healthcare card is really easy. this insurance provider will cover you in non-emergency situations. Such as visiting the optometrist for an eye check-up, going to the dentist, or even booking a Register Massage Therapist. 


To download the GCSA card you must go to the GCSA website, input your information, and download your card. 


1) Visit:





2) Click on "Plan Card":



Enter your information such as Full Name, and Student Number. The system will generate your card. Once it has been generated click on Print Card or Email Card. 


If you choose the print card option, a PDF version will be opened on your device. Make sure to take a screenshot of your card. 


If you choose the "Email Card" option, you must first enter your email address. Once you add it, click on the email card button. A version of your card will be sent to your email. This is what your card should look like: 



Make sure to take a screenshot or save it on your mobile phone for easy access. 


2) Learn About your coverage and GCSA have different coverage. While GCSA covers non-emergencies, covers sicknesses, illnesses, and other issues that might come up in your day-to-day life.

To find out what is covered under each insurance, you must go to their websites and read the policy information. policy documents:

GCSA policy documents:


3) What to do in Case You Need to See a Doctor, Dentist, or Other Physicians 


If you wake up feeling sick visit the website. Look for the option "Find a Candian Clinic", and enter your address. You will see clinics that are nearby. Go to the clinic and ask if they can "bill your insurance provider directly". If that is the case, show our card, they will take your policy information directly. If they do not do direct billing, you may have to pay out of pocket and apply for a refund later. To apply for a refund, go to, log in to your dashboard and apply for a refund. Make sure to keep your receipts. 


On the other hand, when booking an optometrist or dentist visit, inquire about direct billing, provide your GCSA card, and the clinic will take care of the rest. If direct billing is not an option, you may pay out of pocket and apply for a refund later on. 


We highly recommend you get familiar with your GCSA and policy coverage outlined in section 2.


If you have any questions, come to the Student Services front desk. We will be more than happy to help!

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